Sinopec strikes major natural gas flows in Chongqing
Sinopec Corp has struck productive natural gas flows in an exploration well in southwestern China's Chongqing municipality, the company said on Wednesday. The Xinglong 1 well, gushing 517,000 cubic meters of high sulphur gas per day in a test, was the most productive well Sinopec had drilled in Chongqing, said the report posted on a company website.
Overall gas reserves had yet to be appraised and Sinopec said its southern exploration unit was organizing an overall exploration plan in the region that neighbors its largest Puguang gas field in Sichuan province. The discovery would help expand Sinopec's exploration areas and support its landmark Sichuan-to-East China gas project, the report said. The Sichuan-to-East China project pumps natural gas from Puguang to eastern Chinese regions including Shanghai via a nearly 1,700 kilometre pipeline.