PetroChina Daqing refinery to halt LPG supply mid-Aug on turnaround
PetroChina Daqing Refining & Chemical is expected to suspend LPG supply from Aug 17, when it would go into a 40-day overhaul, according to a refinery source.
The refinery recorded hefty LPG stock due to dull sales by rail, although demand from local market was stable, the source said.
Its counterpart PetroChina's 6-mil-mt/yr Daqing Petrochemical has no turnaround plan at the moment. The overhaul is forecast to lend support to barge prices of LPG in Northeast China, because Daqing Refining & Chemical usually transports 2,000-3,000mt of LPG to Jinzhou port each week, market sources predicted.
Daqing Refining & Chemical, located in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, has a topping capacity of 8-mil mt per year. It normally produces 1,500mt a day of LPG, including 1,000mt of residential-consuming LPG and 500mt of raw gas.