Fastest LPG car can travel at 315kms/hr
    If you ever thought that a racing car could just not be environment friendly, then change your mind for a non-profit organisation IdieVerte Compitition has created a 'green' racing car that runs on liquefied petroleum gas and is lubricated with sunflower oil.
    The car is protected against fire hazards by space materials and can run upto a speed of 315 km/h. "The car of the future will have to respect the environment. This is the only way to create a sustainable transportation system in our world. Today there are many new technologies available which have low impact on the environment. We also have more sustainable energy sources available such as liquid natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), biofuels, hydrogen and fuel-cells," said Alain Lebrun, President of the IdieVerte Compitition.
    The IdieVerte Compitition was founded as a non-profit organisation made up of independent engineers and technicians concerned about the environment and the pollution generated by today's cars. Their main objective was to create a non-polluting racing car.
    According to Pierre Brisson of ESA's Technology Transfer and Promotion Office (TTP), "in 2002 we decided to support the project by making available advanced space technologies. We have always been keen to support programmes related to environmental protection, especially in the motor field and, together with the IdieVerte racing team, we identified several space technologies to help them improve safety, in particular to reduce the fire risk."
    The exhaust system of the car is insulated with a heat wrapping material that prevents the engine from over heating and reduces the risk of igniting a gas leak. This helps to retain the heat in the exhaust system thus increasing the horsepower. The thermal wrapping for the exhaust system is a combination of standard solutions used in motor racing enhanced with material developed for the European Ariane launcher.